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Selected Publications

Ariel R. Topletz‐Erickson PhD, Anthony J. Lee PhD, JoAl G. Mayor PharmD, Evelyn L. Rustia MD, Layth I. Abdulrasool MD, Amanda L. Wise MS, Ben Dailey MD, Sharon DeChenne BSc, Luke N. Walker MD, Stephen C. Alley PhD, Christopher J. Endres PhD "Tucatinib Inhibits Renal Transporters OCT2 and MATE Without Impacting Renal Function in Healthy Subjects" The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 28 SEP 2020.

Sharon DeChenne, Katherine Yahvah, Jennifer Zimmer "Validating stability and selectivity in the presence of co-administered compounds" Bioanalysis, published ahead of print. 16 OCT 2019.

Shane Needham "Perspectives on gender parity in bioanalysis: an interview with Shane Needham" Bioanalysis, published ahead of print. 2019.

Mi-Youn Brusniak, Chad Christianson, Emily Witthuhn, Shane Needham, James M Olson "Simultaneous extraction and analysis of multiple cystine-dense peptides by µSPE and microwflow MS/MS from plasma" Bioanalysis, Vol. 11, No. 6: 485-493. 2019.

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Casey JL Johnson, Chad D Christianson and Shane R Needham,  “The advantages of microflow LC-MS/MS compared with conventional HPLC-MS/MS for the analysis of methotrexate from human plasma”  Bioanalysis, Vol. 5, No. 11: 1387-1396. 2013.

DW Arnold and Shane R Needham,  “Micro-LC-MS/MS: the future of bioanalysis”  Bioanalysis, Vol. 5, No. 11: 1329-1331. 2013.

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Jennifer SD Zimmer, Shane R Needham, Chad D Christianson, Crystal M Piekarski, Chrystal N Sheaff, Keith Huie, Andrea R Reed, and Lori Takahashi. Validation of HPLC-MS/MS methods for analysis of loxapine, amoxapine, 7-OH-loxapine, 8-OH-loxapine and loxapine N-oxide in human plasma. Bioanalysis, Vol. 2, No. 12: 1989-2000. 2010.

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