Current Status and Alturas’ Ongoing Response to COVID-19
Updated 20JUL2020

Current Status and Ongoing Response to COVID-19 - Updated 18Mar2020

Alturas Analytics, Inc. is actively participating in social distancing by encouraging those who can work from home to do so.  Alturas has also mandated that any employee who has traveled recently or will be traveling to an outbreak location must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to the facilities.  These employees are encouraged to continue working from home. 

Alturas is able to carry out this strategy as a result of its preparedness plan.  Extra bandwidth and equipment, supplies, spare parts, and consumables are stored on-site to minimize interruptions.   A fully integrated real-time data management system connects all operational workflows and processes. This allows full visibility of project status including timelines, review processes, reporting, batch runs, invoices, contracts and real-time alerts under secure remote access.  

A system for conducting virtual audits is in final test to ease disturbances and avoid delays caused by social distance and travel restrictions. 

Alturas’ operation remains consistent and will post updates regularly as circumstances change.